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Hotels & Resorts

Evolving from a diversified background of hospitality and resort market analysts, appraisers, and operational specialists, USRC has established a hospitality & resort consulting practice second to none. Our professionally-trained hotel and resort specialists, all having achieved outstanding academic credentials, have over one hundred combined years of industry experience. 

However, our constant involvement in the consulting and appraising of hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, and convention centers have enabled us to be current with, as well as adaptive to, the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. As a result, our professionals combine current and in-depth industry experience with strong analytical and communication skills to yield practical and effective results tailored to the specific engagement, thus providing our clients the best in hospitality & resort consulting services.​

While we offer a broad spectrum of services to the hospitality & resort industries, each assignment contains in-depth, detailed analysis, specifically tailored to each client’s needs. Our Hospitality & Resort Industry Services include the following:

Market Studies: Market Analysis, Statistical Demand Analysis, Market Positioning
Analysis, and Market Feasibility Analysis.

Impact Studies: Utilize specialized spreadsheet program determining base
and incremental impact.

Valuation Studies: Investment Analysis, Portfolio and Asset Analysis, and
Tax Appeal Appraisals.

Acquisition Consulting: Purchase price analysis, Proforma Development.

Project Planning: Site Analysis, Concept Development Planning, and
Facility Planning and Evaluation.

Legal Support: Litigation Support, and Expert Testimony.

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